Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Stuff Friday

I cut back on blogging because my sister in law Katie was getting married, and I was working very hard to help her complete all the little tasks that would  make the biggest day in her life go smoothly and look beautiful. Now that that's over (insert content sigh here) I can get back to my normal routine, like blogging and watching episodes of Real Housewives. You know, the important stuff. So, how about another Favorite Stuff Friday?

1) This is where I leave you-Jonathan Tropper. 
Judd's finds out that his wife and boss have been having a year long affair, his father just died and his last wish was that his (semi-dysfunctional) family sit shiva, and his soon to be ex-wife just informed him that he's about to become a father. This book is so well written, I found myself laughing out loud, on the verge of tears and shocked enough to go back and re-read sentences- all in the same page. It's a pretty quick read, so if you're looking for something to read while sunbathing this weekend, go pick this up. Costco has it on sale for $9.97 this week.
2) Nectar Clothing
This fantastic little boutique is a place I cannot frequent enough. It has everything- shoes, jewelry, tops, skirts, pants, hats...and most items are under $30.00! I never have a problem finding something here, whether its for work or play. I would warn, that it's probably not the best shop for anyone bigger than a size 12, because their items tend to run small, and a good portion of their clothing is obviously meant for the under 30 crowd, but even if you're not into bandeau tops and booty shorts (or shorts at all for that matter), you can still find something adorable for any occasion. The girls in the shop are amazing and always so happy to help you find whatever you need, even if you're really too old to be wearing sunglasses with tiny mustaches affixed to them.

3) The Dollar Tree.
2 packages of Silly Straws, 6 poster board, 4 plastic table cloths, gift bags, bouncy balls, army men, napkins, cups, water balloons, dessert plates, pie tins, bubbles, candy, candy, candy, more candy, and streamers all for $38.00!!!! The majority of the boys party supplies came for the Dollar Tree, and I am so glad (this once!) that I didn't just go to Target :)

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