Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I'm not

I'm not a fashion blogger. My clothes are outdated, I am terribly un-photogenic, my after-children body is not comfortable in front of the camera, and my eight year old is refusing to take any more photos until I agree to read up on child labor laws and 1099 him. 

I am not a mommy blogger. Owen, Oliver and Charlie are awesome. They have great taste in music. They are blow -you-away handsome. But I don't feel like I'm defined by my offspring and whoring out my children for GFC followers is just wrong-or so my husband says.

I am not a funny blogger. In real life, I'm toats hilarious. I crack jokes like I'm getting paid for it. I've even had people tell me I should try my hand at stand up (honest to God, truth)- but for some reason, my funny just doesn't translate well over the internet. 

I'm not a food blogger. I like the eating part more than the actual cooking it bit,and stopping to take a picture of every step of the cooking process is more annoying than you think it would be. And most of my dishes look like I put them together while having a seizure.

I'm not a Lifestyle blogger. My house is messy and  the people that run it are midget dictators who love pancakes for every meal and have a penchant for leaving smelly socks in every room. There are at least four baskets of laundry scattered around the house at any given time and dishes are always piled in the sink. If you wanted to know what it's like to never be in control of messes or boys under ten,
I suppose I could write a post or two-but let's be honest, who needs help with that?

So, what kind of blogger am I? I haven't figured that out yet.

I'm Crystal. A girl who decided to write a blog and didn't care to follow that thought through before she began typing.  I'm trying to figure it out though. I hope you'll stick with me until I do.

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  1. Crystal, I think you are hilarious! I hope you are doing well.

    Have a great weekend!