Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Things I've learned since 1998

I posted this picture to my Instagram today, in honor of throw back Thursday.
 I love #tbt. So much.

I've learned a lot since then.

1)Bryan does not look good in white, cream, eggshell, mother of pearl, or the like. It should be noted that I made Bryan wear that white shirt so we could "coordinate", obviously failing to realize that it blended in with his natural pale complexion, making him look near death.

2)Save your jean dresses- even if you purchased said dress in the kids section of Mervyn's. That shiz will always come back in style.

3) Let someone who knows what they are doing shape your eyebrows. (WTF, 1998 Crystal?!?!)

4)If God did not give you the misfortune of being born a ginger, that should tell you something.
Its hard to tell, but my hair was an unnatural, disgusting bright red color here, and it was not cute.

5)Speaking of hair-the only person that can pull that style off is 1991 Jason Priestly. 1998 Bryan should have known better.

6) If you spend $24.99 for photos, expect $24.99 worth of quality.

7) If Bryan can love you and the way you  looked in 1998- he can love you no matter what you look like now.

8) Things certainly do get better with age!
33 year old Bryan > 18 year old Bryan


  1. Crystal, great pictures! I graduated high school in 1998.. I feel old. LOL I hope you are having a great week.

    1. I graduated in 1999! Sometimes, I forget just how long ago that was :)