Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More about you Monday

What can I say- I'm not very good at rules so instead of Monday, I'm doing this on Tuesday. Next week I'll  try to be better. Promise.

1. I just recently dyed my hair dark (really dark) brown, and I love it! 

2. I am totally over the Easter Bunny, but I'm afraid if I tell the kids he's fake they'll be less likely to believe in Santa Claus. 

3. My favorite place to have a dirty martini is a local gastropub called The Salted Pig. It's only 10:00 am and I want one now.

4. After three months of boot camp, I am finally seeing noticeable results. In the last three and half weeks I've lost 4lbs!

5. I got my Hellobox surprise from Niki yesterday and loved it! She was so thoughtful and even included something for the boys. What a sweetheart! 

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