Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite Stuff Friday

I used to do this every Friday but I haven't for awhile. While funds are limited here in the Coy household, trying out new products every week is a thing of the past. So for now, I am giving thanks for some of my favorite free things:

Alarm clock feature on cell phones
I hate alarms. Nothing is more irritating than being scared  awake. My heart does not like to go from “resting” to “Get your shit and get out of the house because this b*tch is going up in flames! Go! Go! Go!” 

 I like to be gently coaxed into waking up. You know, via a harp or soft jazz flute.  Maybe even a wind chime.

I married a jerk guy who likes to hit the snooze button for an hour before finally waking up. So, to the person who thought it wise to have an alarm clock  feature on a cell phone and then took that feature  one step further and included ear-pleasing sound bites-Thank you. You have made my life more tolerable.

Lindsay Lohan
Because Let's be honest, anyone's life looks awesome compared to hers. Sister is going through a real rough patch. I feel so sorry for her that I have added her to my prayer list (alternating Thursdays and the third Monday of every month!)

When I am down and out, I take comfort in knowing that even celebrities who make gazillions of dollars have a rougher go of it than I do.

Good Hair Days
Because, let's be honest. A good day is a GREAT day if your hair is cooperating.

Without this app, the vainglorious ladies of the world would have only facebook as their narcissistic outlet.

Also,  I just LOVE looking at what everyone is having for dinner. And what their pet is doing. And vacations. 

But what I love most of all are the #hashtags. Boom! I just hashtagged, hashtags. I feel so awesome right now.

Have a good Friday! I'm off to get my hair did.

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  1. Crystal,

    Have a great weekend! My hubby also hits snooze a few times on his alarm, so I just set mine and get up either before it goes off since my kids cannot be quiet in the mornings or when the alarm goes off. Though my loving hubby is getting up earlier to take them to the bus stop. This saves me some hassle and time since I feel so frazzled when I have to take them to the school.