Monday, May 6, 2013

Music Monday + I'm tan!

I love this song. You should too:

Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep

Now, let's talk about my sweet tan! 
As you know, I'm headed off to Vegas in 12 days. During my stay I plan on spending some time by the pool and whenever I go on vacation and plan on laying out, I feel odd showing up pale. I don't know why. Maybe it's because swimsuits just look better when you have a tan?

If I am looking to buy something Target may not carry or looking for a sweet price on a particular item, my go to online retailer is Not really knowing what exactly I was looking for, but wanting a good deal on some kind of spray on tan,  I went to amazon and typed in "tan", and this came up:

Like a good amazoner, I read through both the negative and positive reviews. I also google'd "best spray tan", and went to You Tube to see if anyone had done a review. 

After watching several You Tube videos and liking what I saw, I told Katie that we had to get some before Vegas and Katie, being the awesome BFF she is, used her Amazon Prime account and ordered two bottles.

I started Fake Baking on Friday, and I am super pleased. I have a developed a nice base tan that looks natural. I don't have splotches or streaks, and my skin doesn't smell funny-All things that have happened before with other tanners.

I will say that I followed every direction, as given on the following you tube video. I found it super helpful in achieving my awesome tan.

She talks a LOT before getting to the actual application part.

The box says for developing the best base tan, use three days in a row. I started Friday night just in case something went wrong. Showing up to work looking like an umpa loompa was not an option for me.

Happy Tanning!

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