Monday, January 7, 2013

Party time

Hello Blog! It's been awhile.

Just over two months, in fact.

Instead of coming up with excuses as to why I didn't blog for two months, I'm just going to jump right in with this post:

How to throw a good party

1. Make it a "white trash/redneck/we don't have the money to throw you b*tches a nice party" theme.
    By letting your guests know right off that bat that this isn't going to be a fancy party, you are automatically giving yourself the green light to do things on the super cheap, which includes (but is not limited to) having guests pay for their own food. Which brings me to our #2...
Its also gives your guests a reason to look like this

2. Make it a pot-luck
    We one-upped that idea and made the potluck a contest- the person who brought the best white trash dish won a prize. Why did we do that? So people would actually bring something. Because everyone loves contests-especially when there's a prize. Or is that just me?
Our fancy set up. Yes, we provided more than just Ritz and tortilla chips.

3. Buy a Keg
     I have thrown many a party, and if you want something that will please most party guests and not hurt the wallet, buy a keg. 1)The beer snobs can't remark about your poor beer selection unless they ask you.* and 2) It's cheaper than buying loads of different alcohol to appease all party guests.

*To deter beer snobs, simply put out a sign that reads "What kind of beer is this? Free kind" in front of your keg. That'll stop the haters.

**I have also found that the more parties you have, the more you find random bottles of mostly un-used alcohol  left at your house. Stash these bottle away until you throw your next party. You'll save load of cash.

4. Have music
    This is fairly obvious, but nothing goes better with inebriation like some good ol' dance music.  When in doubt, just put on some hip hop from the 90's. That will get your party started, guaranteed!

5. Have something for your guests to do
     Our party area-also known as Katie's house- allowed for plenty of room for people to dance, sit and talk, hang out by the fire-pit, play beer pong, or hang out in the kitchen eating.
These two preferred to do the later

6. Don't be sad when your party started at 6:30 and your first non-related party guest shows up at 7:10
     Start drinking early, so you wont feel inclined to give the poor schmuck who showed up first shit for being late.
We take pictures while we wait for our guests

7. Have fun!


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