Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Monday + the best bread ever!

Before we get into my shenanigans (If you can call baking, shenanigans), here's a band I could listen to all day. This particular song has found some air time recently. Band of Horses, ladies and gentlemen:

This weekend Katie left me all alone so I did what I normally do when she's out of town, I baked. I like to bake. Mostly because I like to eat what it is I have baked, but I also enjoy using every bowl, spoon, and measuring in cup in the house too. Ha.

So, you know about the website Pinterest? Of course you do. Everyone knows about Pinterest.  I assume everyone knows about Pinterest because my husband knows about Pinterest. And, if he knows about it and you don't- well, I'd be really surprised is all. Husband is not really up with today's latest trends  and happenings.

 I have tried many many recipes I've found on Pinterest and I have yet to find a baked good recipe that dissapoints. Here is the picture I found:

Going off just how delicious this looks in this one picture, I decided to make it. 
Here's where you can find the recipe: The Keenan Cookbook

A couple of  side notes: 1) the batter/dough appears to be really heavy and thick. Don't get discouraged  Once you add in the meringue (egg whites and sugar) it changes the consistency and looks more like what you would expect. 2)It doesn't say to let the bread cool in the pan after removing it from the oven, but I think you should.

It wasn't the easiest recipe to follow but it wasn't exactly hard either. I would definitely recommend trying this if you like blueberries and you have two hours to kill. 

Here's what mine looked like:

It tastes as good as it looks!

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