Friday, May 18, 2012

Just that once

In six short weeks, I will be boarding a plane to Oregon with Oliver. We'll be going on a  week long "mommy and me" trip that this middle child really needs. Not that Oliver is ever over-looked. Oh, no!! This star shines so bright, no one could possibly forget he was in the room. I just happen to think that every child (middle or not) needs some quality one on one time with their mom. It's important to have that time together without sibling interruptions, fights, or competitions. Quality time spent doing whatever it is he wants to do; without having to worry about the baby's nap schedules, or whether or not his older brother would approve. I will give him my undivided attention, spoil him rotten and maybe, just maybe-I'll let him ice cream for dinner.
          I can't wait to go on this little adventure with Ollie. I just know it will be fun. Because Ollie's fun! He loves going new places and discovering new things. And, he never complains. Ever. You want to go on a five mile hike, uphill, in the woods, while it's pouring rain without an umbrella or proper foot wear? He'll do it. And he'll smile the whole damn time. Yes, he really is that awesome.
           I hope this trip will be one he remembers for a lifetime. I hope, from this year forward,  every time he thinks about the fourth of July, he remembers the one year he and his mom spent it watching the most spectacular fireworks together, side by side; enjoying just each other, just that once.

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