Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BB cream

This month's Birchbox was inspired by the CW's Gossip Girl. I used to love that show- back when I had time to enjoy tv- but I've missed the last two seasons. I liked the pretty packaging, and thought the "xoxo" note card was cute, but my box was ehhh this month. I usually feel like the $10 spent on the box was well worth it, considering I'd received one or more full-sized sample in my box worth at least $15, but this month I didn't feel like that. I did discover something awesome, though. Dr. Jart's BB Cream. This stuff is the business. This is my third day wearing only Jr. Jart's and a touch of bronzing powder, and I decided I am in love. I ordered my full-sized sample this morning. 
The regular price- a whopping $32.00- is a hard pill to swallow, but I had a coupon making it half off and I don't mind spending $15 for a moisturizer, SPF, and treatment serum all in one. It goes on rather matte, requires very little rubbing in, and it  instantly makes the skin look even and smooth. I don't wear foundation during the hotter month's in SoCal, so Dr. Jart's will play a pivotal roll in my morning beauty routine this summer.

This Month's Box

Me, wearing Dr. Jart's BB cream:

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  1. Thanks to my BFF Kerri, I realize my math was a bit off in the above post. I don't mind spending $16, just as much as I don't mind spending $15. HAHA!