Friday, March 30, 2012

Five ridiculous things!

In substitution of my Favorite Stuff Friday, we have Five ridiculous things I would probably buy if I won the lottery since I would totally be able to afford it Friday. It's nice to dream, and since $640mm is letting me dream bigger and better than ever before, I thought I would share with you the most ridiculous things I would purchase.

1) A date with Jude Law.
Everyone has a price, and I am willing to bet, I could match or exceed his.So dreamy. So English. So mine for a friday night at Chapeau! if I win that lotto.

2) A stylist for Ms. Britney Spears
You would think that with all that money, she would have hired one by now, but apparently, this is not the case. What's that saying...something about taking the trash out of trailer...

3)Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival.
The whole damn thing. It would be mine. And I would get a ticket (or 30) every year. None of this sit on the internet for 3 hrs trying to get tickets, b.s.

4) Pay Pitbull to stop singing/rapping/entertaining...whatever it is that he does.
No words can express just how ridiculous this man is. He is so lame, I'm not even posting a picture of him on my blog. And I'm going to stop typing about him right now. He doesn't deserve my words.

5)The Perfect Brownie Maker
If you know me-and you don't even have to know me that well-you know that I LOVE brownies; yet every year, every birthday, Christmas, mother's day, Cesar Chavez day...etc, this amazing invention never finds it's way into my arms. Do I really have to buy it myself, people!?!?!

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