Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Charlie,

Don’t tell your brothers, but I’m a much better mommy now than I was when they were your age. Maybe it’s because I know deep down you’re my last baby (and just typing that almost made me cry) or maybe it’s because I had you in my late twenties? It could be because I've done all this twice before and I know what to expect-whatever the case- I’m more patient, more involved, more loving and more in tune this time around. We have this connection that no other two people share and when I look into your beautiful and serious blue eyes, I can see I mean the world to you. That I am your world. I hope you can see that when you look into mine.


  1. I hope all three of your boys realize you are an awesome mom! Creative, beautiful, loving, crazy sense of humor and adorable! You are their first true love!! No other woman will ever measure up!

  2. Crystal, that just made me tear up! I'm glad that you are keeping at this... I like what you have to say ;-)

  3. Thanks Ladies! I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing ;)