Saturday, March 10, 2012

Favorite Stuff Friday (but, really, Saturday)

This lovely site took two Jack Kerouac characters, squished their names together and created an adorable place to shop for  vintage inspired eyewear; but it’s not the name that I am in love with, it’s the Home Try On feature. Simply pick your top five frames and register your credit card (note: It cannot be a debit card). They send you the glasses to try on in the comfort of your own home and give you five days to make your decision. You let them know which ones you like best, fill out your prescription information, and you’ll have stylish eyewear for less than $100.00

Redken Body Full

This shampoo was suggested by the the creator of this blog. Her hair ALWAYS look amazing, so I ran out and grabbed a bottle and once I got over the sticker shock ($14 a bottle!), decided I was in love with my new shampoo. I don’t know if it’s because I decided to also grab some Kenra Volumizing spray #13 and  paired that with blow drying my hair upside down , or if it’s just the shampoo, but my hair is full of volume.

Have you heard of this band from Redlands? I think they sound like  Jack Johnson meets the Soggy Bottom Boys.Charlie recommends “I ain't gonna give nobody”, and you know that kid has great taste in music.

 Besides stories of her adventures with four kids, she offers up great fashion and makeup tips, has wonderful taste in music and serves up alternative, healthy ways to cook food. Her mom guests blogs occasionally, which I think is super sweet. Her kids have the most adorable names to match their equally adorable faces and I never tire of looking at them in the endless amounts of photos this busy mom manages to take each week. Here is just a sample of what she had to say last week:
           My mother tells me we all have an age inside of us. Some of us are born with little old men in    our souls or little old women or infants or toddlers. Archer was born one hundred and two but I am thirteen. I turned thirteen and seventeen years later, here I am: confused by the appearance of my face without braces, my bedstand without Sassy magazine. There is a strange man in my bed and a sound machine in a bedroom full of babies. And they're all real. They're real and I don't remember how any of it happened.


                              I still call myself a girl. I'm thirty years old and I have four children and one of them is going to be seven in two months and I'm only six year older than he is. I still think about what I want to be when I grow up and I still wear the same hoodie I wore in High School school and even though the wrists are all stretched out, it still makes me feel cool because I got it from the skate shop where I worked for two summers. All the cute boys used to hang out there and we'd all pile in my Cabriolet after work and get burritos and eat them on the beach.

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1  Anti Aging Eye Cream
 I put this on at night and before work every day, and if I don't- the little lines that are starting to creep up around my eyes, make an appearance.  I'm sure any anti-wrinkle cream would work, but this just happens to be $8 and works well enough to make me happy about my aging face.

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