Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Silence, like a cancer grows

I may joke about the pitfalls of  parenting, tell my friends how cray cray my children are, complain about rolling over in the middle of the night only to find Oliver allupinmyspace for the millionth time, or sarcastically remark about how being a parent has cramped getting my drink on during the weekends, but let me be really clear. I LOVE my children and I couldn't begin to imagine life without those three awesome boys. Any parent knows you could never put into words just how much love you feel for the little person you created.That is why I have to share this:

(click on the link to read his story)

This little man's birthday is tomorrow and it may be the last birthday he ever sees. Just typing that brought tears to my eyes, because I don't think I could ever bring myself to type that about any of my three boys. His mom started this blog to share their experiences with his cancer and keep family member up to date on his progress. 

I am not a family member. Just a gal who read this blog and felt compelled by his mother's request to get his story out there. 

Maybe you can't donate anything today to help Ty or the millions of children like him that are affected by cancer, maybe all you can do is forward his story or send up a prayer. And if all you can do is read this blog and send positive thoughts Ty's way-I think he'd like that. I know his mother would.

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