Monday, August 27, 2012

It's a hipster's world and I'm just living in it

So, the first step to becoming a Hipster, is getting my wardrobe straightened out.

Apparently, I am to avoid buying labeled gear from the stores run by the label itself. Well, I don't do that anyway, so consider it done (This is so much easier than I anticipated).

Did you know that in the Hipster world The Classic skinny jean works for both men and women? Lucky for me, I already have four pairs of those bad boys hanging in my closet. A Hipster would pair these with some plaid tops or shirts with funny sayings on them but I have none of those, so this week I settled for stripes.
 I think I totally pulled off the hipster look this day. I was rocking stripes, skinny jeans and converse!

And, because I'm totally into cheese, I decided to take it to the next Hipster level this day and sport some awesome lenses. I don't really feel comfortable sporting eye wear when I have 20/20 vision, but apparently, the ironic eye wear is a must. 

The article suggested I try raiding grandma's closet for some vintage floral or lace, but sadly, that's just not an option for me. Granny is 5'10" to my 5' and a good 70lbs heavier with 30 of those pounds being in the boob area. 

Sadly, I own no neon nail polish, a bird neclase or any bright belts to polish the Hipster look.

Oh, wait. I do own a necklace with an owl  on it that I bought in 2008. Turns out, I was Hipster before Hipsters were Hipsters. 

I realized a few things this week. 1) Dressing like you just rolled out of bed and decided to add layer upon layer of clothing  that doesn't match but somehow coordinates is actually a lot harder than it looks. 2) I look surprisingly awesome in big nerd glasses. 3) I have way too many clothes and none of them very hipster like at all.

Tune in for next week, when I Sort out my grooming. Whatever that is.

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