Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why do I need this stuff?

The less stuff you own, the less stuff owns you.

I can't give anybody credit for this quote, because I tried googling it, and came up with nothing. But I do like it. The family Coy is currently doing a great job of owning less stuff, but that's more from circumstance than anything else, if I'm being honest. I must say, I am surprised with just how much I can live without, and just how much I don't need. But! I can do better. I don't NEED a Perfect Brownie Maker. I have a perfectly fine brownie pan at home that does the job well enough. I don't NEED an iphone. My not-so-smart phone makes phone calls and sends texts (most of the time) just fine without the Draw Something or Tom the Cat app.Look at my Pinterest page and you'll see it's full of things I would love to own; but why? The time spent pinning these silly things to my boards, I should be using to reflect on all the wonderful things I have in life: the most amazing husband in the world, three wildly adorable boys, best friends who would do anything for me, and enough food, shelter and water to live more than comfortably. 
Sometimes I get so caught up with wanting stuff, I forget to be thankful for all the stuff I already have. I think it's time to purge myself of everything I don't need, don't use or don't want. Perhaps, once all that crap is out of my life (and out of my closets!), it will be easier to reflect on all the wonderful things I have and be truly thankful. 


  1. Here here! Purging of stuff to come live on the farm...

  2. Oh, farm life! I cannot wait for the day....seriously. I dream of it, often.

  3. I needed to read this today! I will be purging this weekend.

  4. Yay for purging! I have yet to start...but it is on my to-do list.