Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Stuff Friday

Just to keep you updated-I didn't win the lotto. And, I still don't have a Perfect Brownie Maker. But, what I do have is a list of some of my favorite stuff. How exciting is that!?!?!

1) Lancome Gel Pot Eyeliner
I am not usually a fan of eyeliner. I think I own four eyeliners, counting this one. I have a pretty thick lash line, so it looks like I'm wearing the stuff, even when I'm not, but I tried this out when I was in San Francisco three weeks ago, and I loved it. When applying, it feels soft, like a crayon,, gel? I guess. It stays on all day long, and if you forget to wash your face at night (don't judge me!), it will last well into the next morning. I bought the great brush Lancome sells specifcally for applying it's pot eyeliners, and I love that too! If your looking to spend a good amount of money (Lancome-I learned the hard way- is not cheap!) I would recommend this one.
2) The Band-The Submarines
I cannot get enough of this band. And, the lady you hear singing (Blake Hazard); she's the great-granddaughter of F.Scott Fitzgerald.
This is one of my favorites:

If you happen to be visiting San Francisco, or SF, as the natives call it, (Never, ever call it San Fran!) please visit this restaurant. It was recommended by this lovely gal @ Nothing But Bonfires and my co-worker, Brad.Oh!My!Goodness! I have never been to a restaurant where each morsel tasted better than the last.I loved everything the table ordered.Everything. And people, I had sweetbread. Do you know what that is? Well, apparently it is not bread covered in syrupy goodness, as the name would suggest. It is sheep's throat!! You can read about it here. You're welcome for that tidbit, by the way. Should you ever see that on a menu, at least you'll know what it is before it arrives at the table, unlike the author of this post. But guess what? I totally loved it. It wasn't until after I ate every bit on my plate that I let my mother in law tell me what it was I was eating.

Chapeau!'s service was just as wonderful as their delicious food, and every patron there was so unbelievably friendly-which I found odd for a big city. Nice, but odd. This is definitely not a touristy spot; mostly locals or frequent visitors (I'd settle for being either one of those!). It was far and away the best food experience I've had to date.

4) Coral and Navy

I love this color combination! I will definitely be rocking the navy and coral this summer.

Next week, my Birchbox comes in! I can't wait to share all the fun stuff!

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