Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Stuff Friday!

This is my first edition of Favorite Stuff Friday! I don’t know why anyone should care about what my favorite things are, but I LOVE when fellow bloggers share their favs. I have discovered some of the most amazing products that way. So, without further adieu:
1.) Mossimo Supply Company Flare jeans (Fit 3)

    I love love LOVE Target. The only bad thing about Target –besides the fact that I can rarely get out of there for less than $100- is that everyone shops at Target. If you go to a party, chances are you and at least one girlfriend will be wearing the same shirt, jeans, outfit, etc. But, when I spotted these stretchy, low rise bad boys for $6.98 on the sale rack, I had to purchase them. I am petite, curvy and long legged and these jeans fit as if they were made specifically for me. I get compliments on them EVERY time I wear them. Had I known what a gem I found the day I purchased these, I would have purchased this style in every color they make.

2) Adele Station on Pandora.
                Seriously, this woman makes my ears tingle.

3)OLAY Pro X cleanser

    I read about the Clairsonic Mia right here. Unfortunately for me, I can’t afford to spend $110.00 to have glowing, flawless skin. But when I mentioned on the train that I was seriously debating giving up eating for two weeks so that I could purchase this gadget, a gal mentioned she bought the Pro X for $30.00. I could afford that, so I had to research it. When I saw that it received four and a half out of five stars out of approximately 1,000 reviews online, I was sold! I purchased mine at Costco for $36.00 and it came with a full sized face wash.  My skin looked drastically better within one week, and by week two my acne prone t-zone was pimple free! It also evened out my skin tone and makes my foundation look amazing!!! Seriously, did you see how many exclamation points I used right there? That alone should have your running to your local Target to pick up the Pro X (don’t forget to buy the flare jeans while you’re there).

    Above everything else, she is an amazing writer; but she's also hilariously witty, adorably nerdy and super sweet. So sweet, she helped me pick out a restaurant for Katie’s Bachelorette weekend in San Francisco by emailing me several of her favorite restaurants in SF, complete with a link to Yelp so I could research myself before deciding.Did I mention, she did that without knowing me? She's just that nice. Read her blog, you won’t regret it.

5) Starbuck’s Sweetened Iced Green Tea.

   I could drink this all day, every day.

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