Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wherever we go, we're dancing!

This is my first post. And as such, this is  the post where I introduce myself and the family “C” all while dazzling you with my charm and sparkling sense of humor. This post is already a  lot of pressure. Let’s see if I can hang.

First, I shall tell you a story. The story of  how the family “C” came to be and what led us to this point in our fantastic journey. In a condensed version, because this isn’t B’s blog. He doesn’t do this sort of thing. And if he did, every post would be long and quite off topic by the time he was finished. And so we begin…B and C meet in high school. B gets new shoes. B and C date. And they date. And they date. For 8 magically entertaining years; they date. B and C get married. They have a baby. And right after that, they have another baby (B and C didn’t know any better).They buy a house. B makes good money. C gets promoted. They are both in the Mortgage Industry (I think you know where this story is going here…)BAM! B and C don’t have jobs. B enrolls in school. He wants to be a Chemical Engineer. No, Enviornmental Engineer. Maybe a Biomedical Engineer. He is undecided on what type of Engineer. C finds out she’s pregnant. B and C lose their house. They move their brood to B’s parent’s house.Here they live. Tadaa! You are all caught up. I just covered 15 years in like 15 sentences. Best story teller. Ever.

And so, here we are in the present. I’m a working mother to three gorgeous boys- Owen(6, almost 7), Oliver(5) and Charlie(22 months). When he's not playing Mr. Mom, B goes to school. He had 19 units last semester and a 3.something GPA. Which is impressive, if only to me. We've learned to be each other's biggest support and we get by as best we can. Follow me and the fantastic adventures of the family Coy. You’ll have fun. I promise.

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